Explain Why Writing Skills are Important for Students and Professionals

Explain why writing skills are important for students and professionals. 

  1. Written communication is one of the exceptional characteristics of human beings.
  2. Over thousands of years, writing has become an important source of information, while societies benefited from written history, culture and knowledge.
  3. Writing is one of the essential skills as it is often a channel through which your learning, values, ideas and your contribution to the society can be obtained.
  4. It represents us even when we are absent in space and in time. Regardless of if you are a student or pursue an occupation, everyone has to write to communicate with others.
  5. It is a form of expressing yourself in the form of words.
  6. Writing is personal and not fleeting, it is a record of what you wished to communicate at a point of time. 
  7. In order to write, you must organize your thoughts, explain your arguments, present your supporting evidence and make your reader understand your expression so as to receive feedback from your reader.
  8. Writing enables you to harness the transformative power of the written word to improve your life and to change the world around you.
  9. Skilled writing produces a response in the reader by simulating thought, evoking an emotion and stirring to action.
  10. Disorganized writing indicates that your thinking is disorganized.
  11. If your writing is not fully developed it indicates that you have not fully developed your thoughts. Therefore improving your writing skills will improve the way you think.
  12. School students write in non technical, informal language, whereas professional writing is more precise as it provides formal and detailed information with references from expert sources.
  13. Writing is often the first impression that others have of us therefore improving your writing skills allows you to confidently communicate with everyone and also helps you become a better communicator overall.
  14. Therefore, writing skill is important for students as well as for professionals.

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