What are the different digital initiatives in higher education UGC NET Notes?

The Ministry of Education ahs taken a huge initiative in the form of the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) to infuse digital education solutions so that access to quality content can be enhanced along with learning outcomes. The different digital initiatives in higher education are as follows:


It is the abbreviated form of Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds. It is an integrated platform that offers cost-effective online courses to learners. It aims to offer quality education through e-learning to millions of students with ease. Its main principles are access, equity, and quality. 

2. SWAYAM Prabha:

It is an initiative that offers 32 high-quality educational channels through DTH (Direct to Home) on a 24×7 basis across the country. It covers different disciplines and has curriculum-based course content. 

3. National Digital Library:

It is a platform that is a virtual repository of learning materials facilitating a single window search facility. The platform offers more than 3 crore digital resources. 

4. National Academic Repository:

It is a digital storehouse of academic awards which operates 24×7. It has two digital depositories that are interoperable which are CDSL VENTURES LIMITED (CVL) and NSDL (NSDL DATABASE MANAGEMENT).

5. Shodhganga:

It is an open-access Electronic Thesis Depository storing Indian thesis papers and dissertations. It prevents duplication of research. It has more than 3880 collections of thesis and dissertation.

6. Shodhgangotri:

It is a digital repository which enables research scholars or supervisors to deposit their approved synopsis digitally. It showcases the research instructions and trends being followed Indian Universities.


It is a digital storehouse of information that gives access to information such as the expert’s background, experience, scholarly publications, contact address, accomplishments, skills, researcher identity, and the like. It offers information about subject experts to peers, potential collaborators, and research scholars across the country.