ICT general abbreviations and terminology UGC NET

ICT General Abbreviations: 

1. AGP: Accelerated Graphic Port

2. ALU: Arithmetic and Logical Unit 

3. BIOSBasic Input and Output System: It controls the computer and tells us about theoperations to be performed on the System. The instructions are embedded on a chip connected to the Motherboard.

4. CPU:. Central Processing Unit of the Computer. It is the brain of the computer.

5. DOS: Disk Operating System

6. EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

7. EDP: Electronic Data Processing 

8. HDD: Hard Disk Drive 

9. GUI: Graphic User Interface

10. ICT: Information and Communication Technology 

11. LAN: Local Area Network 

12. MAC – The common abbreviation used for a type of personal Computer Macintosh made by the Apple Computer Company.

13. OS – Operating System. It is the main program that runs on the computer and begins automatically when the computer is turned on.

14. PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect

15. PC – Personal Computer 

16. PDF – Portable Document Format

17. RAM – Random Access Memory

18. ROM – Read Only Memory. ROM is a non-volatile and cannot be altered.

19. UNIVAC: Universal Automatic Computer 

20. USB: Universal Serial Board

21. URL: Uniform Resource Locator 

22. VGA: Visual Graphic Adaptor 

23. WAN: Wide Area Network 


1. Application: A computer software that helps one perform a specific task

2. Algorithm: A set of solutions for a given problem.

3. Browser: It provides access to web pages. 

4. BYTE – Byte is known as the Storage unit of data.

5. Bit: The smallest unit of information in a computer system.

6. Extended Memory: Memory used in addition to conventional memory 

7. Intranet: It is a private corporate network using Internet technology-based software and TCP/IP protocol standards 

8. Macro: A symbol or key representing a list of commands, actions, or keystrokes

9. Microprocessor: A single chip containing all the elements of a computer’s CPU. 

10. Protocol: A formal list of specifications defining procedures to follow for transmission and receiver of data. 

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