Advantages and disadvantages of Social, Political and Cultural Change

Advantages and disadvantages of social political and cultural change

Maclver and Page opines,

“Social change refers to “a process” responsive to many types of changes; to change in the manmade condition of life; to changes in the attitudes and beliefs of men, and to the changes that go beyond the human control to the biological and the physical nature of things.”

According to Lundberg,

“Social change refers to any modifications in the established patterns of inter-human relationship and standard of conduct.”

H.T. Mazumdar adds,

“Social change may be defined as a new fashion or mode, either modifying or replacing the old, in the life of people or in the operation of society.”

Advantages and disadvantages of social political and cultural change

The advantages and disadvantages of social political and cultural change are as follows: 

Advantages Disadvantages 
1. It helps people to adjust with their environment and master it at the same time through the acquisition of novel skills. The rise of antagonism within tribal and traditional cinturas opposing the new ones through social change is possible. 
2. It enables individuals to enhance their life in various aspects such as political, economical, cultural, and social. Social changes based on westernisation can also affect the mindset of some narrow minded people leading to occurrences of discrimination and harassment. 
3. It broadens the mindset of people as they can learn from others and experience a different kind of living. These changes do not occur rapidly but gradually and hence, adapting to the same can be rather time-consuming. 
4. It can lead to various innovations which can have an overall positive impact upon society. Ample resources are required to bring positive changes and hence, many societies may fall short of the same. 
5. Human beings can be kept under control and historical values, kindness, and other such positive qualities can be promoted. It forces other societies to know the problems of other people. 
Advantages and disadvantages of social political and cultural change

Social change has various definitions mainly because it can be applied to various situations. Social change refers to any modification, difference, or alteration that occurs in an object or situation in the course of time. Any changes that occur in human interrelations and interactions can also be termed as social change. Since society consists of several relationships, any changes that occur in the social relationship systems can also be labelled as social change.

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