QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingWhat is the difference between learning as construction of knowledge and learning as transmission and reception of knowledge?
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Learning as Construction of Knowledge

  • Continuous Process

Learning is a never ending process and it takes place from birth to death. Hence, it is a continuous process.

  • Goal Oriented

Learning is a goal oriented process. It is concerned with achieving goals. It enables one to receive knowledge and accomplish their goals.

  • New Knowledge

Teachers impart new knowledge and information to the learners for their proper development.
Transmission of knowledge
Teachers transmit their knowledge to the learners to enable them to grow and develop.
Reception of knowledge
Learners receive the knowledge that is being imparted to them by the teachers.

  • Interaction

Learners listen to the teachers and what is being taught. This allows them to receive knowledge. They can ask queries if they have doubts which helps them to construct their knowledge.

  • Use of previous knowledge to create new knowledge

The previous knowledge of learners are used to create and construct new knowledge.
In construction of knowledge, the teacher plays a pivotal and important role in generating the ideas.
In transmission of knowledge, the teacher plays a role of catalyst to transfer the knowledge.
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