Discuss the Role of Teacher and School in Promoting Gender Equality Through Education 

According to Gunn (2018),

“Equality is the provision of equal treatment, access, and opportunity to resources and opportunities. Essentially, everyone gets the same thing, regardless of where they come from or what needs they might have.”

Gender equality refers to the concept that an individual’s rights, responsibilities, and opportunities are not based on the sex they are assigned at birth. Gender equity, on the other hand, refers to the equal treatment of all genders and they are considered equivalent in terms of rights, benefits, obligations, and opportunities.

In educational institutions, equality is often related to access and outcomes. Equality ensures that every student has equal access to a high-quality education regardless of their social background. It also ensures that all students are accountable to the same standards and objectives without taking into account their circumstances, abilities, or experiences.

According to Jackson,

“Teaching is a face-to-face encounter between two or more persons, one of whom ( teacher) intends to effect certain changes in the other participants ( students).”

Learners always look up to teachers as their role models. Hence, the role of the teacher in spreading gender equality in the teaching-learning process is as follows:

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a skill every teacher must possess because having a good relationship with the parents of the learners is important. It can help teachers to resolve conflicts arising out of gender if any.

Prevent the use of Sexist language

Teachers must try to avoid using sexist language as much as possible in the school environment so that all students feel included.

Managing Different Situations

As a teacher, one has to face a wide variety of situations and learners may have different demands. Having the skill of negotiation allows teachers to manage these situations effectively.

Eliminating Stereotypes

The teacher must try not to promote stereotypes such as boys should like blue color and girls should like pink.

Effective Communication

If there is a communication gap between the teachers and the learners, there might be a lack of understanding in their relationship due to which the teacher must communicate effectively and see if any student is facing any gender discrimination.

Avoid Prejudice

Teachers must try not to favor one gender over the other in the classroom and ensure to treat everyone in an equal manner.

Problem Solving

Problems are sure to occur in the classroom and it is the teacher’s responsibility to solve these problems. Due to this, the teacher must address the problems so that they can be solved. The teacher needs to lie aware of any gender inequalities in the classroom.

Being a teacher brings a lot of responsibilities and as a teacher, it is important to ensure that one can be a proper role model, given that gender issues are a big concern so that the teaching-learning process can be successful.

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