Life Skills and Sexuality B.Ed Notes- Need of Life Skills Education for Personality Development 

Life skills refer to the skills that help in the personality development of an individual. Possessing good life skills enables an individual to lead a secure and stable life. Life skills can enable a person to become strong and motivated. There are various types of life skills such as self-awareness, decision making, critical thinking, creative thinking, interpersonal, problem solving, the skill of empathy, and skills to deal with emotional stress.

WHO defines life skills as,

“the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.

Life skills play an important role in gender inequality. Accessing gender-neutral education which is of high quality is a fundamental right of every individual. Without the same, there can never be progress in the nation. Building a gender-neutral inclusive society must be the aim of every progressive nation. There is a close link between life skills and sexuality. Here are the reasons why life skill is needed in personality development.

Gender Equality

Firstly, life skill is needed to ensure that equal privileges and opportunities are given to both men and women irrespective of their gender.

Removal of Gender Stereotyping

Education is partly blamed for spreading the agenda of female and male stereotypes and this can be removed through life skills.

Overall Development

Gaining life skills is important because it encourages the development of cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills as well.

Gender-Responsive Environment

When individuals gain overall life skills, it will encourage them to create a gender-responsive environment.

Spreads Gender Awareness

Life skills can also help spread gender awareness about human rights, gender issues, and the like which can help reduce the discrimination based on gender in society.

Gender Balanced Environment

Teaching life skills through interactive techniques such as decision making, role-playing, debating, and the like can help create a gender-balanced environment.

Equal Opportunities

Life skills can help all girls and boys to gain equal opportunities when it comes to discussion, sharing opinions, and more.

Life skills are important for the overall better quality of life. It can motivate a person to become better and life skill development can improve the quality of education as well.

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