Top 10 B.Ed Colleges in Bangalore 2024 Approved by NCTE

Top 10 B. Ed Colleges in Bangalore 2024

The journey to pursue a rewarding career in teaching and educational leadership requires immense perseverance, dedication and motivation. With several options available, it is crucial to choose the correct Institution that will lead you to the door of success. This is why choosing the perfect B. Ed college for you is an important step towards achieving your goal. So, we welcome you to our detailed and comprehensive guide on the top 10 B. Ed colleges in Bangalore. This city, known as the Silicon Valley of India, not only boasts a thriving IT industry but also stands as a major hub for quality education institutions. We will explore some of the best B. Ed colleges in Bangalore along with other details to help you make the right choice and build a successful career ahead. 

You will get helpful insights regarding the infrastructure, faculty expertise, fee structure and overall environment of the best B. Ed colleges in Bangalore through this article. From state-of-the-art facilities to imparting an enriching experience through dynamic teaching methods, these colleges offer the most suitable environment for aspiring educators to help them make meaningful contributions in the realm of education.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our journey to highlight the top 10 B. Ed colleges in Bangalore.

1. Al-Ameen College Of Education 

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Founded in 1990, the Al–Ameen College of Education is a premier college of education in Bangalore city managed by Al–Ameen Educational Society. This college has an illustrious background of 40 years in the field of Education, Medicine & Engineering followed by various other courses. The society runs more than 140 institutions all over South India. Not only is the college renowned for the exceptional facilities offered by it but it also boasts about the esteemed faculty members who guide the students that, in turn, create a positive environment which helps educators to succeed. The institution is committed to holistic development and that is further proved by its ample internship opportunities, thus providing hands-on experience for the students in real classroom settings. This prepares the students to face the professional world with confidence. The strong industry connections of the college facilitate smooth and efficient placements. It also makes sure that the graduates are well-equipped to embark on their professional journey. Al Ameen College of Education continues to stand apart from the others in the game when it comes to B. Ed programs in Bangalore, carving a positive impact in the field of education and beyond. The duration for the B.Ed. CBCS Semester Programme in this college generally extends over two years with four semesters for a total of 96 credits. There are 24 credits for the first semester, second semester, third semester and as well as the fourth semester.

Tel080 2211 2478 / 080 2222 2402 / 2223 5626 / 2227 868 / 2212 3430
TypeGovernment – aided

2. Acharya College Of Education 

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Established in 2004, Acharya College Of Education stands as an icon among the top colleges in Bangalore. This college offers a transformative educational experience. Situated on a 120-acre campus, Acharya provides a prestigious learning environment for the students. Besides being defined by its academic excellence and unparalleled amenities, the lush greenery along with the captivating environment surrounding the campus create a serene atmosphere. This works towards the betterment of the students in every possible way. Students are invited from all around the globe to immerse themselves in a truly enriching educational journey that they can experience only at Acharya College of Education. Here, students discover more than just a college- they find a destination where aspirations are given the space required to evolve, talents are recognised, and dreams turn to reality. With its commitment to holistic development and innovative teaching methodologies, Acharya College is not just an institution—it is a one-stop for intellectual growth, personal development and professional advancement. Every corner here echoes with the promise of limitless possibilities. Every experience leaves an unforgettable mark on the soul. This is the right place for the ones who want to turn their dreams into realities and make their future bright through passion and purpose. The duration of the B. Ed program at this institution spans over a year, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed for aspiring educators. Besides, they are also enhanced with knowledge, skills and practical experience- all of which are necessary to succeed in the field of education. This on-campus, full-time program ensures that the students are completely involved in their studies and coursework along with practical teaching experiences that prepare them for the work field. There’s also a program for Diploma in Education that spans over two years, equipping students with detailed knowledge regarding the field of education and strategies that are to be implemented 

Tel+918645661357, +917406644449
Feesabout 75,000/year

3. Christ University

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Over the years, Christ University in Bangalore has paved the way for excellence when it comes to the world of education. It is well-renowned for the outstanding facilities and opportunities it offers to students from all across the globe. The institution also boasts their esteemed faculty members who are masters in their respective fields. Located in the vibrant city of Bangalore, Christ University offers an environment that facilitates holistic growth from where students can begin on a transformative educational journey to reach the doors of success, with confidence. With an incredible infrastructure and modern amenities, Christ University provides students with an experience that is insightful, memorable, enriching and valuable in every way possible. The advanced teaching methodologies practised by this institution transcend traditional boundaries. Christ University’s commitment to academic excellence is further backed up by its amazing internship opportunities enabling students to get involved in immersive experiences that would help them gain practical knowledge which they can further practice in the professional world. This would, in turn, prepare them for their future leading them to the door of a bright and successful career.  Along with the above-mentioned facilities, the University also boasts about its proactive placement cell that empowers the graduates to march forward towards success with utter confidence and master the art of education.

Tel+91 804012 9100 / 9600
Fees1,10,000/ year
TypeDeemed To Be University

4. Amitha B.Ed Teachers Training College

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Established in 2004 with an accurate vision to uphold the standards of quality education in Bangalore, Amitha B. Ed Teachers Training College stands apart as an example of educational excellence. The commitment of this training college to foster academic brilliance spans both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students are taught with proper attention within the college campus. The college serves as a hub of experience and expertise in teaching and training, Amitha B. Ed Teachers Training College is a perfect example of its clear dedication to furnish students with the best educational environment imaginable. The B. Ed course that is offered by this institution is carefully crafted to help educators with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can navigate the diverse landscape of contemporary education effectively. Through the holistic approach that has been embraced by the college, it promises to evoke a deep understanding of the principles and theories of education within the students while maintaining quality education and cultural inclusivity that transcends traditional boundaries. The duration for this program is one year and there are a total number of about 50 seats offered by the college for this program.

Fees70,000 (total)

5. Bangalore City College Of Education 

Bangalore City College of Education, situated in the beautiful city of Bangalore, emerges as a major institution in the field of education. This college is dedicated towards educators who hold the key for shaping the skills and the framework of knowledge of several students. Founded under the auspices of the esteemed Ramakrishna Education Trust, the college stands as a base of learning that provides students with an enriching environment to thrive and excel. This college is committed to producing proficient professionals. Besides, the institution spares no effort in furnishing students with top-notch facilities that cater to all their needs. Overall this ensures a holistic learning experience that prepares the students for facing the challenges of a world that is so competitive. Bangalore City College of Education is driven by a noble mission, that is, to serve society by empowering individuals to become responsible educators. The institution has a well-equipped infrastructure along with facilities that are essential and required for guiding the minds of future teachers. Moreover, the college fosters a culture of encouragement, where students are encouraged to strive towards excellence while their skills are being nurtured, simultaneously. Students are also inspired to explore their creativity and potential through the guidance and support from faculty and staff. Besides the above-mentioned factors, internship opportunities are also provided by the Bangalore City College of Education which further assists the students to gain practical exposure for teaching in real-world settings. Partnerships with affiliated schools assist the students to get engaged in practical teaching experiences through useful training sessions. With the guidance and mentorship of this college, students are encouraged to become compassionate and competent educators, poised to make meaningful contributions in the field of education and beyond.

Tel08025459956, 9900568523
Fees46,000-50,000/ year

6. Vijaya Teachers College 

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Vijaya Teachers College is a well-esteemed institution that definitely stands because of the incomparable experience that it offers. Under the esteemed stewardship of the “BHS Higher Education Society,” which is a prestigious managing committee possessing a rich legacy that dates back to 1942, this institution has practised an unwavering commitment to excellence when it comes to education. The BHSHES managing committee altogether oversees a network of about 17 educational institutions all across Bengaluru and T. Narsipura near Mysore. This institution works for diverse segments of society and embodies a promise to exercise inclusivity and social service. Vijaya Teachers College was established in August 1960 and holds permanent affiliation with the Bengaluru City University. It is also duly recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). The college is accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and listed under 12B & 2F categories. Vijaya Teachers College practices academic integrity along with adherence to UGC norms. This college offers a comprehensive two-year B.Ed. program that prepares the candidates for careers in every way possible. The B.Ed. program helps graduates from various academic backgrounds it be arts, science, commerce or business management, engineering, and so on. Admissions follow a dual approach. There are 75 seats allocated through the centralized admission cell of Karnataka’s government and 25 seats are reserved under the management quota. Vijaya Teachers College stands as a classic example that empowers educational excellence, helping future educators to flourish, through a blend of academic excellence, practical training, and holistic development initiatives. This college continues to shape the next generation of educators and school teachers while empowering them to make a positive impact in the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Tel+91–80–26631413, +91-9448415010,+91-9448796584

7. SCT College of Education


SCT College of Education often referred to as SCT B.Ed college stands out as a premier institution that offers the B.Ed course. Affiliated to Bangalore North University and approved by the NCTE New Delhi, this college of education serves as the most perfect destination for people seeking excellence and personal mentoring as well as for the ones aspiring to be teachers. SCT College of Education is recognised as one of the top B. Ed colleges in Bangalore and it boasts proudly about an incredible and consistent academic track that has been recorded over the years. The college emphasizes the holistic development of teacher trainees and is solely dedicated to helping today’s aspirants to grow and develop into tomorrow’s leaders in the ever-changing field of education. The commitment of this college lies in providing inclusivity, equality and an essential infrastructure required for effective learning. The curriculum crafted carefully and shaped through extensive research, aims to equip students with practical skills through smart classrooms that make learning an enjoyable experience. The college prioritizes providing a secure educational environment along with top-notch facilities that induce holistic growth.

Tel+91 98800 93840, +91 94486 22125
Fees76,000 (total)

8. Sri Raghavendra College of Educational Institutions Society (SREIS)

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Established in 2005 by the Sri Raghavendra College of Educational Institutions Society (SREIS) under the leadership of the founder secretary, Sri Raghavendra College of Education (B.Ed) is an institution that meets the evolving needs of the ever-changing society by preparing the youth to confront its challenges. SREIS, a renowned training institution, has been functional in imparting valuable knowledge to generations that collectively facilitate the growth and development of students. It has been capable of defining itself through its focus on both teaching and training. Sri Raghavendra College of Education provides an enriching environment that is perfect for effective learning. The primary objectives of this institution include shaping prospective teachers along with a globally crafted curriculum infused with the intellectual traditions of India and the West. This institution also aims to equip educators with the skills needed to address complex issues and opportunities presented by the 21st century. Besides, this institution also provides and inculcates a deeper understanding of human values among its students. The college embraces the indigenous tradition of Guru-Shishya parampara which helps to generate holistic development of teachers from various disciplines including humanities, arts, sciences, technologies, and yoga. Sri Raghavendra College of Education reflects on India’s spiritual wisdom, intellectual essence, and creativity and, in turn, strives to create an environment that fosters dynamic learning, critical thinking and creativity among the students. The college promises to empower educators who will impact society positively over the coming years with a strong dedication to excellence and a deep-rooted commitment to imparting holistic education,  Sri Raghavendra College of Education stands out as a symbol of hope that inspires generations to realize their fullest potential and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

Tel+91 73535 82077 / 99169 03068
Feesaround 24,000-26,000

9. Sri Venkateshwara Educational Institutions

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Sri Venkateshwara Educational Institutions stands out as a significant centre of excellence when it comes to the world of education. It offers a transformative B.Ed program that sets the benchmark for quality and innovation. The institution is nestled in a well-known area and this prime location not only provides students with easy access to resources and opportunities but also provides an enriching academic experience. Sri Venkateshwara Educational Institutions flaunts its amazing facilities and modern infrastructure. This, in turn, provides the students with a suitable environment for learning and growth. The institution’s esteemed faculty members are comprised of seasoned educators and experts in their respective fields who are dedicated to guiding the next generation of teachers with their wealth of knowledge and unwavering support that leads one to academic excellence. Students are equipped with the skills and insights necessary to excel in their careers with the help of a curriculum that is designed to meet the evolving demands of the changing landscape of education. Sri Venkateshwara Educational Institutions displays a sincere commitment to providing holistic education by empowering students to become compassionate, competent, and optimistic educators who are determined to make a positive impact, as a part of the global community.

Tel080 4110 6363,9886447657
Feesaround 22,000 (1st year fees)

10. M S Ramaiah College of Education

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M.S. Ramaiah College of Education is well known for the academic excellence it offers through a range of popular degrees, including the esteemed program of B.Ed. The college is known for its amazing teaching methodology, which makes it not a leader in research and innovation. Besides, this college also places a strong focus on activities beyond academics to provide holistic development. M.S. Ramaiah College of Education stays true to it’s objectives through the impressive infrastructure of the institution, diverse extracurricular offerings, and strategic national and international collaborations. Here, the students are presented and helped with a variety of placement opportunities in various sectors such as corporate, public, and entrepreneurial ventures thus leading them to successful careers. The college tries its best in every possible way to ensure students’ comfort and convenience is maintained and they are provided well-ventilated classrooms, recreational areas, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a well-stocked library, and medical amenities as well. Through a distinct dedication to create a bright learning environment, M.S. Ramaiah College of Education encourages students to thrive and succeed academically, professionally, and personally. This makes them ready to excel in the dynamic landscape of education and beyond.

Tel080 23601747 / 9886162859 / 8660995451

Therefore, the aspiring teachers of our nation can make the right choice for themselves and find out their ideal educational home among the institutions mentioned above. Each of them offers a unique blend of innovative facilities, infrastructure and extracurricular activities. Ultimately, the students can embark on their journey towards becoming transformative educators through the support and guidance of the institutions of their choice. Hope you attain the ultimate success that you have been dreaming of in this vibrant educational hub of Bangalore, where passion meets purpose. Hope you found this blog helpful.

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