What is the role of education in socialization?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat is the role of education in socialization?
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School is the main institution where socialization is taught. Socialization is essential for any society to be possible. Socialization should be taught from a young age at home and continuing the same at school. Children will be able to understand faster what is expected of them as they grow and adopt their roles quickly. The knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, culture, religion, norms, language, etc followed since ages is passed on to the next generation through the existence of education. The individual will understand what is his/his role in the society through the years and adopt it responsibly. Socialization makes an individual independent and able to take risks. Education instills discipline, obedience, and responsibility in people. One will understand societal norms and be aware of society’s expectations from them. Through socialization, individuals will understand and adopt different feelings of emotions. People will treat each other with respect and listen to one another with compassion and empathy. It will teach an individual to communicate properly with a person or a large group and behave acceptably on the society Read More >>>