What is the primary purpose of socialization?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat is the primary purpose of socialization?
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Socializing is crucial for the existence of society. There would be no society without socialization. For society to exist, socialization is necessary. Socialization helps in the transfer of knowledge, values, culture, expected behaviour to the next generation and so on. It is also crucial in the development of one’s personality. Humans will get an idea of their roles in society and the expectations it has from them as they mature. Socializing will not only let a person know another person better but also himself/herself. They will realise what their interests are by interacting with others and work towards improving in it.
  1. Socializing enables individuals to play their roles in society.
  2. It instills discipline, obedience, and responsibility in people.
  3. Socializing will bring a sense of happiness in people and improve their well-being.
  4. People will understand societal norms and be aware of society’s expectations from them.
  5. Socialization will help society and people in the development of each other.
  6. Hence, socialization is essential for any society to be possible.
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