What is the difference between Indian & foreign education?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat is the difference between Indian & foreign education?
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The basic difference between the Indian and Western Concepts of Education are as follows:
  • Indian education is based on knowledge and rote learning while the western education system is more focused on practical based learning.
  • Unlike the Indian Education system where subjects are divided into streams, the Western education system does not follow any stream system. A student can choose any subject combination they desire. 
  •  Western education is a great promoter of research and discoveries. There is very little scope for research in Indian education.
  • In Indian education, students are more focused on completing the syllabus. On the other hand, Western education is based on adaptive learning and students need not rely on the syllabus to gain knowledge.
  •  Indian certification is more affordable as compared to Western certification as food and accommodation charges are cheaper in India. In Western education, college fees are relatively low but the food and accommodation charges are comparatively higher.
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