QuestionsCategory: Educational Research MethodologyWhat is a graphical representation? What are the 4 different types of graphical representation?
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A graphical representation is a visual representation of data sets. It uses graphs, charts and plots to interpret the numerical data. It represents the data gathered through surveying. The graph makes it  easier to understand and gives more clarity to the readers than by only numerical study.

  Methods of Graphical Representation of Data   i. Line graph   This graph is also known as linear graph or line chart. It shows information that does not remain constant over time. It consists of two axes: the x-axis and the y-axis. ii. Pie chart   Pie chart is a circle with several components. The full circle represents the value of components altogether.   iii. Bar graph   There are two types of bar graphs- horizontal and vertical. Horizontal bar graph represents qualitative data and vertical bar graph represents quantitative data.   iv. Histogram   Histogram is represented on the two-dimensional graph. It has continuous bars without any gaps. Read More>>