What factors affect the self-efficacy of students?

QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingWhat factors affect the self-efficacy of students?
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A student can have high self-efficacy based on the following: Teachers' expectations from the student A teacher’s belief in the student’s abilities can play a key role in increasing their efficacy level. Students look up to their teachers and if the teacher believes in the student, he or she will have faith in their capabilities. Positive feedback from teachers If the teacher gives good feedback to the student for accomplishing something then they will be encouraged to keep doing better and achieving more. They will be more interested in learning new things and challenging themselves with various tasks. Support from peers The support that a student gets from his or her friends also plays a significant role in increasing their self-efficacy. The individual will want to keep working harder and put greater effort into learning and achieving the goals. Read Full Lesson: Self-Efficacy Theory of Motivation in Education