What are the six different types of data in research methodology?

QuestionsCategory: Educational Research MethodologyWhat are the six different types of data in research methodology?
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i). Quantitative Data    Quantitative research deals with numerical values and measurements for finding answers. It is done to check if some assumptions and theories are true or not. Quantitative research is expressed in numbers and graphs.    ii). Qualitative Data    Qualitative research deals with words. The data is collected by communicating with individuals with questions related to the subject matter being researched. This way the researcher will get an idea of what people think and why they think differently on the same topic. Qualitative research collects data expressed in words.    iii). Ordinal Data   The data that is in order on a scale is ordinal data. It follows a natural order.    iv). Nominal Data    Nominal data is used to label variables without a numerical value. Nominal data cannot be measured.   v). Discrete Data    Discrete data deals with infinite or whole numbers, that is numbers that cannot be divided into parts.   vi). Continuous Data    Continuous data can be used to measure any numeric value. It is data that can be calculated. Read More >>>