What are the 4 principles of growth?

QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat are the 4 principles of growth?
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Growth and Development are the essential elements when it comes to a deep understanding of child development. There are various principles that define growth and development in various senses.

Principles of Growth

These principles are as follows:  

Principle of Continuity

The process of development is continuous as this process goes till a lifetime. A person starts developing mental, emotional, and physical thoughts from early childhood which continue till the life-long process. For example, language abilities, experience, etc.

Principle of Individual Difference

The principle of individual difference denotes that every individual does not have similarities in the context of growth and development. Every child has a different level of thinking due to social, psychological, physical, environmental, and financial factors. These individual differences vary according to the stages of development.

Principle of Uniform Pattern:

The principle of Uniform Pattern refers to the pattern in which the growth and development take place is universal and in a fixed pattern despite having various individual differences. For example, the milk teeth of a child will come first before any other teeth.  

Principle of Overall Development

The principle of overall development means the complete development of a human being from every perspective such as emotional, physical, social, financial, and psychological. These factors contributing to the development of a body are interrelated. Therefore, a teacher always keeps in mind the overall development of a student. Read More>>> Read Complete Course>>>