QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingList out the educational implications of Thorndike’s trial and error theory.
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The educational implications of Thorndike’s trial and error theory are as follows: Readiness to Learn: According to this theory, readiness to learn is essential. A child is able to learn better when he or she is prepared to learn and shows a readiness towards learning. Stimulus and Response is Connected: In this theory, the teacher tries to produce a conception between the stimulus and response through various methods like repetition, reinforcement, and the like. Encouragement: It is essential to encourage learners so that they learn to appreciate learning and develop an interest towards learning. Reinforcement: Giving positive reinforcement to learners is important because they can be motivated to learn and giving negative reinforcement occasionally is important too. Repetition: According to this theory, repetition strengthens learning and helps learners to learn faster and better.   Read Full Lesson: Thorndike’s trial and error theory