How experiential learning is helpful in construction of knowledge?

QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingHow experiential learning is helpful in construction of knowledge?
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The experiential learning through reflection process plays an important role in constructing cognitive development. These processes plays different imperative roles. The experiential learning in reflection and construction of learning should take place as follows:

Positive learning environment

The teacher must create a positive learning environment to facilitate self-initiated learning among children.

Clearing the purposes

Learners must be aware of the goals they can achieve through learning and teachers must be able to give them a purpose to learn new knowledge.

Availability of learning resources

There should be adequate learning resources in the classroom so that the learning process can be organized and students can feel motivated.

Balanced learning

There should be a balance between emotional and intellectual components for organized learning.

Sharing thoughts and feelings

Teachers should not dominate the learners and they should be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings.

New and modern Curriculum

The use of traditional curriculum must be eliminated and a new curriculum must be implemented.

Teacher must be an active listener

It is essential for the teacher to be an active listener so that he or she can guide the learners properly.   Read Full Lesson: Experiential Learning along with Reflection Process in Construction of Knowledge