QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishHow do multimedia resources help you as a student especially in a distance modular learning?
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Advantages of Multimedia Resources as Learning Tools in Distance Modular Learning


Multimedia resources bring convenient learning for the students who study through distance modular or different places.

Makes the Session Interesting

It follows an approach that has the ability to make the learning sessions more interesting. The students from distance can have interesting sessions with the usage of multimedia.

Accessible Evaluation 

It offers learning assessment tools that are ideal for the students to evaluate their performance through online tests and quizzes.


Multimedia resources can be purchased once and be used for the long term. Students can learn through distant places just by purchasing the online resources once.

Popular as Modern Practice

Using multimedia resources is apt for the modern generation because there are a lot of technological advancements and there are numerous resources available in different formats which can help the student to learn through distance education. Read more>>> Read Complete Course>>>