QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingGive the assumptions and beliefs about teaching and learning in education.
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The assumptions and beliefs about teaching and learning in education are as follows:  
  1. All Learners Are Same: Many teachers assume that all learners have the same ability and level of learning but it is important to remember that different learners have different abilities which is important to consider when teaching.
  2. Teachers Know Everything: Learners grow up assuming that their teachers know everything but teachers only impart the knowledge they possess.
  3. Teachers Are Always Right: Just as any other human being, teachers may make some mistakes sometimes. It is important to remember they are humans too.
  4. Learners Are Keen To Learn: Do not assume that learners have a natural interest in learning. As teachers, it is important to develop an interest for learning in learners.
  5. Learning Should be Teacher-Dominant: Learning should be learner centered and not teacher centered so that the focus can be on the development of learners.
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