Explain the role of cognition in the learning process.

QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingExplain the role of cognition in the learning process.
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The role of cognitive learning in the learning process is as follows:  
  1. Use of memory: Cognitive learning promotes the use of memory. It is mainly related to the use of memory. Memorization of new knowledge and information is encouraged.
  2. Use of Repetition: Cognitive learning includes the use of repetition. Any new knowledge that has been learned needs to be repeated and recapitulated for proper memorization.
  3. Use of Imagination: Cognitive development also facilitates the use of imagination as it encourages the learners to imagine the things that are being taught in the class. 
  4. Facilitates Auditory Processing: Cognitive development enables learners to be active listeners due to which it is also characterized by auditory processing.
  5. Promotes Interaction: The cognitive learning process is highly interactive as it encourages interaction between the teacher and the learner.
  6. Comprehension: Cognitive development enables learners to use these comprehension skills to understand what is being taught in the classroom.
  7. Facilitates new language learning: Cognitive development can enable learners to gain a better and quicker understanding of a new language.
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