QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesExplain in brief about the National Education Commission, 1964.
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  • Kothari Commission was established on 14 July, 1964 by the Government of India. It is also known as the National Education Commission, 1964. The commission was headed by Dr. Daulat Singh Kothari. It consisted of 17 members who provided assistance for the policy formulation of the educational system. The commission consulted from 20 overseas experts in education from the USA, UK, Japan, France, Sweden. Kothari Commission was the sixth commission in India but the first to deal comprehensively in improving the system of education. It provided recommendations to bring necessary changes for the improvement of Indian education. Reports of the commission were submitted on 29 June, 1966 to M.C. Chagla, who was the Minister of Education at that time.
  • The commission introduced a new structure of education which was aligned in 10+2+3. According to this pattern, primary and secondary education should be of 10 years; higher secondary education should be of 2 years and vocational education should be of 3 years. The commission brought changes that were necessary to improve the quality of education in the country.
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