Discuss the differences between teacher training and teacher education?

QuestionsCategory: Teacher Education: Pre-Service & In-ServiceDiscuss the differences between teacher training and teacher education?
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Teacher Education 

1. Teacher education refers to knowledge about modes of learning and instruction.

2. In teacher education, teachers are often mentors in their workplace who have the expertise to offer training in the field.

3. Teaching enables one to impart ideas on existing knowledge.

4. Teacher education is a systematic process done to impart and acquire knowledge.

5. Teacher education is comparatively long-term and involves job experience.

Teacher Training

  1. On the other hand, the teachers’ training is practically oriented. There is not much theory involvement; instead, real-time application of all activities is made.
  2. Training helps the teachers enhance their pre-learned knowledge, understanding of tools and application of techniques, etc. There can be instances when the teachers come across situations where they may have to use unique, uncommon tools while teaching (these can be both electric and manual). Training helps them understand its usage very well and apply it to the required circumstance.
  3. Training, on the other hand, is a very short-term process and goes on for a span of 30 days to a maximum of a year. Training is a short-term activity involving learning and experiencing real-life work and environment. After the training completion, the teacher also has to join the institution, which is why the training period is kept short and effective.
  4. Teacher training is centered on the aim of the job and is only done for specific areas. The teacher is trained only to become a teacher, which restricts their learning to a considerable extent in other genres.