Mention the Social and Cultural Aspects that Affect the Quality of Life 

Social aspects refer to the wide range of factors that yield from society. It consists of five main constitutions which are the family, education, political, religious, and economic institutions. Social factors can have a great impact on the individual’s quality of life and society at large. It has the power to change the course of society.

Cultural aspects encompass the various systems of values, attitudes, beliefs, norms, and taboos existing in society. People must conform to the norms and values set by society. These systems have passed on from one generation to the other and have been created by society. When these value systems are being passed on, they sometimes undergo changes that can be attributed to various social factors.

Social and Cultural Factors that Affect the Quality of Life


The quality and quantity of education one receives, determines the kind of future they will have and whether it will be stable or not. Better education leads to better-paying jobs and it also brings increased opportunities.


Individuals who have a higher income tend to live healthier lives as they have sufficient financial resources to go for regular check-ups and seek medical assistance and undergo treatments. They also have access to fitness spaces and the like that maintain their health and well-being.


The shelter is one of the most important components of survival. Proper and clean housing is essential to keep various illnesses and diseases at bay. Those who have poor living conditions and live in poor accommodation are more likely to become prone to gaining diseases.

Healthcare Access

People with a good social background have easier access to healthcare facilities and they also can apply for healthcare insurance to safeguard their health in the future. However, some people may not have enough access or transportation facilities to health care centers.

Role of Women

The role of women is slowly changing in the modern world but their role as ‘angels of the house’ stems from age-old cultural and social practices prevalent in the patriarchal society. In the present age, their roles have changed vastly with women dominating every sphere of life and society has a huge role to play in this part. Hence, their quality of life is improving.

These are the main social and cultural factors that have an impact on the quality of life.

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