There are various differences between growth and development.

1. It is not a life-long process.It is a life-long process.
2. Growth means the change in physical aspects.Development means the change in mental aspect.
3. Growth is quantitative.Development is qualitative.
4. Growth denotes the height, weight and size.Development denotes the social, mental, physical and emotional changes.
5. Growth has a general pattern for every person.Development does not has a definite pattern.
6. Growth is not continuous.Development is continuous.
7. Women have faster growth rate than men.Development is not gender-biased.
8. Health and food nutrition affect the mental growth.Development may or may not get affected by the lack of nutrients.
9. Growth can be visible to the eyes.Development cannot be experienced through visuals.
10. Growth is a specific term.Development is referred to the all aspects under an umbrella term including growth.