QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhy is development, maturation, growth, and learning considered to be interrelated?
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Development, maturation, growth, and learning considered to be interrelated due to the following reasons:
  1. The growth of the body is important for determining your behavioral pattern. Normal growth is important for the normal development of behavior. This will help in proper brain development which will foster learning and therefore, help one to attain maturation.
  2. 2. The growth of certain muscles in an individual is important for the individual to have the ability to take up certain activities and go through the process of maturation.
  3. 3. The renowned psychologist Piaget believed that development leads to learning but this thought is still debated as many researchers believed that learning leads to development.
  4. 4. Social interaction takes place when a child is in the presence of others instead of when they are in isolation. They start learning through this interaction which aids in the developmental process and also helps them attain maturation.
  5. 5. The growth of a child is necessary for proper development of body organs which is important for the process of maturation. Once they have achieved proper growth, maturation, and development, effective learning can take place.
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