QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWho was Paulo Freire and was the purpose of education according to him? What are the two philosophies of education that are related to Freire’s?
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Who was Paulo Freire and was the purpose of education according to him?   Paulo Freire was a Brazilian philosopher and educator born on 19 September, 1921. He wrote the book called “Pedagogy of the Oppressed'' in 1968 which has been of great influence in progressive education. Freire believed that education helped create critical awareness which he felt was necessary for social change.   Purpose of education  
  • Paulo Freire viewed education as an activity of freedom.
  • He believed that one could develop and keep developing through education.
  • His perspective was that education should help one in using their full potential and being powerful for themselves.
  • He used the term “Banking system education” to describe the traditional education system.
  • It related to the teachers only passing on information and facts to empty minds of students which was similar to the functioning ways of a bank account.  
Paulo Freire was one of the most influential figures in education. He believed students should gain knowledge themselves by putting their learnings into action. According to him, development of a person happens by interacting with others and the environment. He felt both theoretical and practical knowledge is necessary in education. Freire's theories on education are still relevant to this day. His ideas have hugely impacted the progression of the education system. Read More >>>