Which education system is advocated by Sri Aurobindro Ghosh?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhich education system is advocated by Sri Aurobindro Ghosh?
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The educational theory of Sri. Aurobindo aimed at the development of the latent powers of the child, training of six senses, training of logical faculties, physical education, the principle of freedom, moral and religious education, and above all, training for the spiritualization of the individual. The training should aim to make the child a person who can live in the world, but not a product of the world. Sri Aurobindo has called this training integral education. Sri Aurobindo has given several important ideas about the nature of human beings and the human mind which are very useful to understand human psychology. Sri Aurobindo’s ideas on the nature of human beings are as follows: The human being is an entity, he is an individuality, he is a separate entity, and his nature is not determined by any external factors. The human being is endowed with a mind which enables him to think, feel and act. Read More>>>