QuestionsCategory: Education in Contemporary IndiaWhat were the main features of Lord Macaulay’s recommendations to the Indian system of education?
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  1. He suggested the government should try to educate only a few Indians, who would consequently teach the rest. This is called the ‘downward filtration’ policy.
  2. He wanted Indians to serve British interests and be loyal to them. This class would be “Indian in blood and colour, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and intellect.”
  3. Macaulay suggested the government spend money only on western education and not on oriental education.
  4. He also suggested that all colleges where only eastern philosophy and subjects are taught must be shut down.
  5. He felt that Indian knowledge and languages were worthless. On Indian literature, he stated, “…a single shelf of a good European library was worth the whole native literature of India and Arabia.”