What social factors affect child development?

QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat social factors affect child development?
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1. Parental Attitude Towards Children in the Family: If a child’s parent put certain pressure on the child for their career options, it may make the child feel judged and criticized by the life decisions. Therefore, the attitude of the parents towards their child determine the child’s growth and development. 2. Size of the Family: A child’s upbringing gets affected as per the structure and size of the family. The child in joint family can learn different kind of things as to be remined under surveillance however, a child in nuclear family can get more attention. 3. Influence of the Neighborhood: The neighborhood impacts on a child’s growth through which a child builds good or bad habits after watching the neighbor children’s behavior. If they would be well-mannered then that child is automatically inculcated with ethical values. 4. The relationship with Teachers: The teacher plays the role of an ideal as well as a parent for the student. A teacher can make a student feel confident about the mannerism in the school. 5. The Relationship with Classmates: A child is most likely to develop behavior, habits, attitudes and demands as per the company he or she gets at school with the classmates and peers. 6. Rapid Social Change: Undoubtedly, due to the introduction of social media, children are getting more socialized than previous era which can bring about rapid social change. This inclination in the social change can definitely put some effect on the growth and development of a child. 7. Influence of Society and Culture: It is evident that a child builds his or her belief through tradition, culture and society in which he or she resides and belongs. These cultures and traditions determine the attitude and the way of thinking of an individual. 8. Unemployment: Due to the unemployment and lack of financial assistance an individual can feel lack of confidence while building social relationship in the society as the social status is determined by the amount of money a person possess. Read full article: factors influencing growth and development