QuestionsCategory: Sociological Foundation of Educationwhat is the role of physical education in promoting national integration and secularism?
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What is the role of education in promoting Nationalism and Secularism?  
  • i). Education helps an individual to understand their rights and duties as citizens of the country.
  • ii). Promote patriotism and unity among the countrymen.
  • iii). Helps in strengthening national integration and promoting national progress.
  • iv). Education cultivates socialism, secularism and democracy among the citizens of the country.
  • v). Helps in achieving peace, prosperity and harmony in the nation.
  • vi). Develops the tolerance and respect of different cultures and religious faiths in citizens.
  • vii). Teaches people to treat everyone equally and give equal opportunities to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion, etc. 
  • viii). Helps to get rid of inequality, discrimination, injustice and poverty in society.
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