QuestionsCategory: Learning and Teachingwhat is the relationship between the pillars of education to the nature of the teaching profession ?
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Teaching is the process of providing knowledge and discipline to the students. Teachers are the substitute for parents. They are the guides of children outside the home. Teachers help in the student’s growth and personal development, as well as work towards increasing their skills and creativity. It is through the teacher’s encouragement that students are dedicated to studying and thinking seriously about their careers. The teaching profession is concerned with providing knowledge to an individual to make them ready for the future. Teaching is a profession that focuses on increasing the potential of students. Being in the teaching profession, the educator shares knowledge with the class in whichever field he/she specializes in. Sometimes, the teachers themselves get to learn something new while teaching. Teachers inculcate important life lessons to the students. Teachers play a huge role in a student’s life to help them succeed. It’s through their guidance that students can achieve their goals.  Read More>> Full Lesson