what is the relationship between leisure and positive emotion?

QuestionsCategory: Learning and Teachingwhat is the relationship between leisure and positive emotion?
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Emotion is a feeling or thought of a person that has an influence on their behavior. This may be happiness, sadness, fear, anger, joy, etc. Positive emotion just as the name suggests is the positive feeling and thoughts of a person. This includes only the pleasant and desirable feelings like happiness, interest, love, and more. Such type of emotion is necessary for a teacher when around their students. Teaching with positive emotion in class will be in the best interest of both the teacher and the student. The teacher will have fun teaching and the students as well will have fun in the learning process. Overall, the atmosphere of the class will be positive with positive emotions around. Leisure is the emotion of feeling pleasant to fulfill most of the desires in spare time. If a person feels positive emotions then certainly it tends to prompt the person towards leisure and vice versa.  Read more>> Courses