QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingWhat is the meaning of learning teaching process write down the characteristics of learning teaching?
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Teaching is the art of helping other people to increase their knowledge and develop discipline. Characteristics of Teaching
  1. Teaching as a practice is beneficial for both the teacher and the students.
  2. By practicing teaching, the teacher can understand the needs and interests of each child.
  3. The main focus in teaching practice is the learning of students.
  4. Teaching practices aim to develop knowledge and skill in the students.
  5. As a practice of teaching, teachers help students to acquire knowledge, learn new things, build their confidence, and shape their behavior.
  6. The role of a teacher is very important in influencing the student’s life.
  7. Teachers are the first guide of students outside of the home.
  8. From an early age, students spend time with their teachers and tend to look up to them.
  9. The focus of teachers should not only be imparting knowledge but establishing proper behavior and manners in the students as well.
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