What is the importance of professional ethics for teachers?

QuestionsCategory: Learning and TeachingWhat is the importance of professional ethics for teachers?
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Putting students first

As a teacher, students must be their first priority inside the school. The teacher must treat every student equally and with respect, without being biased. Honesty, kindness, helpfulness, patience, and fairness are the traits teachers must possess towards the students.

Maintaining healthy relationships

A teacher needs to have a good relationship with the students as well as with colleagues. Teachers should avoid gossiping about fellow workers and saying false-negative remarks about students. Teachers need to work in cooperation and unity with one another.

Commitment towards the job

Teachers must be committed to their profession. They need to be responsible for their duty and take the student’s future seriously. Other than providing knowledge to students, teachers must focus on the safety and security of students. Teachers must make sure no bullying or offensive conduct is going on. Read More>> Professional Ethics for Teachers B.Ed Notes