QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat is the importance of Grammar Translation Method in teaching and learning?
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Champion defines the Grammar-Translation method as,
“According to this method, the first step in learning a language is to get at the meaning of new words, phrases, and sentences. And under the translation method, the meaning of English words, phrases, and sentences is taught by means of word forward translation into the mother tongue.”
  • The Grammar Translation Method is very important to the success of the English Language program. Students find it easier to learn from a lesson presented in their own language.
  • The instructor translates the lessons into the native language. The method would be very helpful for the student because they wouldn't have to learn a foreign language in order to understand the lesson.
  • This method is labor-saving because the teacher would be able to carry out the lessons in the native language.
  • To make this method work, the teacher needs to learn the foreign language as well.