QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat is the implication of the theory of cognitive development to the teaching/learning process?
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The theory of cognitive development is an important theoretical framework that has implications for how we teach and learn. The key concept here is the development of thinking. Cognitive development occurs through three stages: concrete, pre-concrete, and abstract thinking. As children grow, they develop abstract thinking. This allows them to take in and understand more information at one time than concrete thinkers could. Concrete and pre-concrete thinking help students move from concrete to pre-concrete thinking. Cognitive Development Concrete Thinking When a child is very young, they are in the concrete stage of cognitive development. They see things as physical objects and have difficulty understanding abstract concepts. The concrete stage is also called the “theory of object perception” or “object permanence.” During the concrete stage, children learn to make sense of their world by relating what they see to their experiences. If they see a ball on the floor, they know it is there because they dropped it. If they see a dog in the yard, they know it must be their pet because they play with him or her every day. Children in the concrete stage learn by direct observation and trial-and-error learning. For example, if they are trying to learn how to write letters, they may try writing their name over and over until they get it right. Read more>>>