What is the Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat is the Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi?
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  • Mahatma Gandhi has contributed a lot in the field of education with his ideologies and philosophies. Not only was he a great leader but also a great educational thinker. Gandhiji felt that education should be compulsory and free for every child from the age of 7 to the age of 14 years. Education should be such that it helps in harmonious development of the child physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Mahatma Gandhi did not consider just literacy as education. For him, literacy was only one of the means of educating people. Gandhi was a devotee of idealism and wanted to put his values into practice. Gandhi's philosophy of education consisted of idealism, naturalism, and pragmatism. The two main principles of Gandhi are truth and Ahimsa which means non-violence. His teachings have helped in the growth and development of each person in many ways.
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