What is the educational philosophy of Aurobindo Ghosh?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat is the educational philosophy of Aurobindo Ghosh?
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Sri Aurobindo Ghosh’s philosophy of education emerges directly from his philosophy of life which is based on spiritual penance, the practice of yoga, and brahmacharya. According to him, any education involving all three factors can develop man to the fullest extent. In his life, he harmonized the two important ends of existence, that is, spirit and matter. He strived to translate these ideas into a system of education through his Pondicherry ashram school which has now grown into Auroville-a city of universal culture. According to Aurobindo,
“real education is that which provides a free and creative environment to the child by developing his interests, creativity, mental, moral and aesthetic senses. Finally, they lead to the development of his spiritual powers.”