What is the difference between formal non-formal and informal education?

QuestionsCategory: Education in Contemporary IndiaWhat is the difference between formal non-formal and informal education?
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Formal education

  1. Educational Institution: Formal education takes place routinely in an academic institution such as a school or college.
  2. Graded: Formal education takes place grade-wise. After every academic session, learners are promoted to a new grade if they perform well.
  3. Structured: Formal education follows a structured schedule that takes place every weekday. According to this, the teaching-learning process is administered.

Non-formal education

  1. Absence of Formal Institution: In non-formal education, there is no presence of a formal institution or system such as a school or college.
  2. Short term: Unlike formal education, the learning in non-formal education takes place on a short-term basis.
  3. Individual centered: In non-formal education, the learning can be centered and focused on an individual. Their learning capacity is taken into account and education is administered accordingly.

Informal education

  1. Non-targeted: Informal education administers education that is not targeted towards achieving any specific skill or certification.
  2. Natural Occurrence: Informal education may take place naturally. For instance, learners may travel to a new country and learn about their culture and lifestyle.
  3. Real-life experiences: The main resource of education in informal education is real-life experiences. It enables individuals to learn new skills and knowledge through the activities they perform in everyday life.
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