What is structural approach describe its uses and limitations?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat is structural approach describe its uses and limitations?
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The Main Uses of the structural approach are as follows.
  1. To enable learners to learn English by establishing through drill and repetition about 275 graded structures.
  2. To encourage learners to attain mastery over an essential vocabulary of about 3000 root words for active use.
  3. To correlate the reading lessons with the teaching of grammar and composition.
  4. To teach the four fundamental skills – understanding,  speaking, reading, and writing in this order.

Limitations of Structural Approach

  1. The problem of teaching English is not solved by the selection and gradation of structures because it only helps the teacher to learn what is taught and what to teach next.
  2. The continuous teaching of structures can make the class dull, mechanical, and monotonous.
  3. It may be more suitable for junior classes but not applicable for higher classes with many branches of the English language.
  4. This approach follows a rigid methodology.
  5. It is time-consuming and completing the syllabus may be difficult.