QuestionsCategory: Childhood and Growing UpWhat is social development in child development and why is it important for learning?
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Social development in child development includes their capability to organize their behavior and interact with others. It is the process through which a child acquires the culture and language of the community he or she is raised in. JE Anderson states, “Development is concerned with growth as well as those changes in behavior which results from environmental situations”. Social development in child development plays an important role in learning for many reasons which are as follows:
  1. Social interaction helps children activate their developmental process which would not be possible in isolation.
  2. Social environment also offers a safe and secure environment to acquire language naturally.
  3. Social environment also aids in the development of children’s mental abilities so that they can adjust in society.
  4. Social interaction fosters early cognitive development in children and helps them to be socially active.
  5. Society plays a crucial role in influencing the development of a child due to which social interaction is necessary.