QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat is NCFTE? What are the main objectives and features of National Curriculum Framework for teacher education?
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What is NCFTE and explain the objectives of the framework?  
  • The National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, 2009 is developed by the National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E) which is an Indian government body. It works on bringing necessary changes to the National Council for Teacher Education. The chairman was Professor C.L. Anand.
  Objectives of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education NCFTE (2009)   Teacher education is a professional way of preparing teachers for their profession. It is helpful in the development of teachers. Teacher training is crucial to impart quality education to children. The main objectives of NCFTE (2009) are:  
  • 1). Preparing teachers to be experts in their profession.
  • 2). Look into the concerns underlying teacher education.
  • 3). Ensuring quality education in every sphere, i.e., theoretical, practical,socio-economic, psychological, and philosophical.
  • 4). Help in the continuous development of teachers in order to be good educators.
  • 5). Make teachers capable of answering the queries of children during the class lessons.
  • 6). Enabling teachers to not only refer textbooks while teaching in the classroom but also provide self known knowledge on the topic taught.  
  • 7). Recognizing the interests and potential of each student as a teacher and bringing out the best in them.
  • 8). Enabling teachers to make proper use of the teaching resources and equipment.
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