QuestionsCategory: Education in Contemporary IndiaWhat important decisions declarations and steps were taken by the English government in India after Macaulay’s minute?
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The first main step taken towards modern education in India was the Charter Act of 1813. An annual sum of Rs.1 lakh was set aside by the Act for educating the ‘subjects’. Following this act, a conflict arose among the British based on the mode of education to be used for instructing the Indians. The orientalists believed that Indians should be taught their scriptures and texts and educated in their languages whereas the other group believed English education was the best knowledge to be imparted. Macaulay became the President of the General Committee of Public Instruction (GCPI) in June 1834. He justified the importance of English as the medium of instruction in his minute education and also the teaching of western education to Indians. Macaulay’s proposals were sanctioned in March 1835 officially. English was made the court language in 1837 and high government posts were open to Indians in 1844. Read More >>