What are the types structures in structural approach of teaching English?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat are the types structures in structural approach of teaching English?
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Types of Structures in the structural approach of teaching English:

The syntactic structures of the structural approach can be classified as follows.

Sentence Structures

The two important parts of a sentence which are the subject and predicate have fixed positions and when they are changed, their meaning changes too. For example, the sentence ‘Tina gave a book to Mina’ changes to ‘Mina gave a book to Tina’ when the subject and predicate are changed.

Phrase Structures

A phrase refers to a group of words that make sense but do not make complete sense. The order of the sentence structure in a phrase is (determiner) + Adj. + noun and this order cannot be changed. E.g. ‘under the table in the dark’.  

Idiomatic Structures

Idiomatic structures have their specific meanings and they do not have any grammatical units. If these sentences are split, they lose their specific meaning because they are a unit form and they have to be learned as a unit. For example, ‘all of a sudden.

Formulae of Routine Structures 

It is composed o a group of words that are used on a certain occasion or in a day-to-day conversation. Proper word order is maintained to avoid the words from being dislodged from their fixed position. For example, ‘How are you?’, ‘Good night’, etc. Read more>>>