What are the two measures of Central tendency?

QuestionsCategory: Educational Research MethodologyWhat are the two measures of Central tendency?
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The four important ways of measuring central tendency are as follows:   i. Mean Mean is the average value of a dataset. All ┬áthe values in a dataset are added up and divided by the number of observations. It is also called the arithmetic average. When the data is symmetrical and continuous, mean is considered to be the best method to use.   ii. Median It is the central value of a dataset arranged from ascending order to descending order. The dataset is divided in half. In an odd number of observations, the middle value is the median value. In case of even number, the mean of middle two values is taken to find the median value.   iii. Mode The mode is the most frequently occurring value in a dataset. The data distribution may include many modes or no mode at all.   iv. Midrange Midrange also known as mid-extreme is the arithmetic mean of the difference between maximum and minimum values in a dataset. The maximum value subtracts the minimum value. Read More >>>