QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the thoughts of education according to Aurobindo Ghosh? What are the contribution of Sri Aurobindo in education?
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Aurobindo Ghosh was an Indian philosopher, poet, yogi, journalist and a nationalist. He was born on 15 August, 1872. His contributions to education are of great importance even today. In his words, "True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become." He had extensive knowledge of both the Eastern and Western lands as well as of old and modern methods of education. He deeply studied human evolution and spiritual evolution. According to him, education should be such that it relates with real life. People should change their ways of thinking and living with time to meet the desired needs.   His thoughts on education:
  • According to Aurobindo Ghosh, there should be overall development of an individual that is of mind, body and soul.
  • The highest knowledge one could gain for him was of spiritual experience.
  • He has written down in detail about the spiritual theory of evolution in his book called “The Life Divine”.
  • Sri Aurobindo believed that one makes their own destiny and in doing so education was an essential factor.
  • Education must focus on every aspect of humans such as physical, emotional, spiritual and power.
  • It should develop and nurture individuals.
  • Physical development and holiness were the main aims of education according to Sri Aurobindo.
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