What are the social and individual aims of education?

QuestionsCategory: Educational StudiesWhat are the social and individual aims of education?
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What are the differences and Relationships between individual and social aims of education?

Education aims at both social and individual improvement. While social aims focus on the development of society, individual aims focus on the development of individuality. Both social aims and individual aims are important aims of education and are necessary in life. Working towards the development of society will automatically help in the development of an in dividual. Education is a social necessity and an individual necessity.   I). Social aim of education   The main aim of education is the progress of society with time. Social aims of education gives importance to the development and needs of society. Education exists for society and the welfare of it. It makes the new generation familiar with the values, customs, beliefs, traditions, norms, behaviour patterns, etc followed since ages in the society.   In the social aim of education, emphasis is attached to the welfare and growth of society. Humans work towards achieving the goals of the society and making it as desired. Society plays a significant role in the development of an individual. If there is no development of society, there is no development of humans as well. Therefore, the development of society is necessary for the development of humans.   II). Individual aim of education   Individual aims of education emphasises on the development and improvement of individuality. Education aims to make an individual ready for the world and play their roles in society. Education helps in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of an individual. The character, personality, attitude, behaviour, thinking of an individual depends on the education they receive. Through education, individuals figure out their interests, strengths, weaknesses, specialities, potential and work towards improving in it as they mature. Individual aim of education aims to make one self confident and self dependent. A person will be able to take risks, make decisions and solve problems on his/her own. The individual aim of education helps to achieve the highest degree of individual progress and development. Read more >>>