What are the objectives of national policy on education?

QuestionsCategory: Education in Contemporary IndiaWhat are the objectives of national policy on education?
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The Objectives of National Policy on Education

The main aims of education according to the National Policy of Education, 1986 are as follows:  
  1. Education is universal and essential for all. It is important for all-around development from material to spiritual.
  1. Education should promote the goals of secularism, socialism, and democracy enshrined in the constitution.
  1. Education should foster skills for different levels of the economy in the individual.
  1. Education should foster the guarantee of national self-reliance.
  1. It believes in the cardinal principle, ‘Education is a unique investment in the present and future.”
  1. All students, irrespective of caste, creed, location or sex, are given access to quality education of comparable quality up to a certain level.