What are the merit and demerit of direct method?

QuestionsCategory: Pedagogy of EnglishWhat are the merit and demerit of direct method?
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Merits Of Direct Method:

Facilitates understanding of English

Learners can learn English directly through what they hear or read. It established a direct connection between objects and English words which allows one to learn the language easily.

Commands Over Language

Learners are encouraged to use English all the time which allows them to have a good command of the language.

Natural Method

It is a natural method of learning English because students can naturally learn English just like their mother tongue.  

Acquisition of Vocabulary

Learners can acquire great vocabulary in English due to its constant use since the mother tongue is not involved in this teaching method.

Fluency of Speech

This method emphasizes aural-oral words and students are encouraged to think in English allowing them to speak fluently and confidently in English.

Limitations Of Direct Method:

Lack of Mother Tongue

Due to the lack of the use of the mother tongue, students may not be able to produce the desired meaning and may misuse it.

Lack of Environment

If the surrounding environment is not speaking English, it can be hard for the learners to learn English as they may not have a suitable learning environment.  

Lack of Teachers

There may not be adequately qualified teachers in the school who fit this approach of teaching and hence, it may be difficult to apply the same.

Weakness in Practice

The method may be weak when it is applied in reality because it may not function according to the plans.

Incomplete Method

It focuses only on the oral aspect of the language so other aspects such as writing can be an incomplete method. Read More>>>