What are the measures of Relative Position?

QuestionsCategory: Educational Research MethodologyWhat are the measures of Relative Position?
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4 Measures of Dispersion in Research Methodology

The four measures of dispersion are-


The difference between the highest and lowest score in a dataset is range. It is an easy method of calculation. It does not use all the observations in a data distribution. So this is useful in finding only minimum and maximum values of a dataset.

Quartile Deviation:

The difference between the 25th and 75th percentile or the third quartile and the first quartile is Quartile deviation. It is the Semi-interquartile range of a dataset.

Mean Deviation or Average Deviation:

The average or mean of the deviations of the value from central tendency is called mean deviation. The central tendency can either be measurement of mean, median or mode. Average deviation or mean deviation removes the deficiencies of Range and Quartile methods.   

Standard Deviation:

Standard deviation is the most common and frequently used measure of dispersion. It is the square root of the sum average of the squared deviation measured from the mean. Read more >>>